Welcome to the HTX Group Scavenger Hunt! We hope you are ready to have fun today.  The rules are simple… Below is a list of 120+ items.  How you tackle the scavenger hunt is completely up to you. You may choose to scour the city to find these items, or you may recreate them in the comfort of your own home, just be sure to take a photo! To receive full points for each item, you must follow the tagging instructions below. 



  1. At least one member of your group MUST HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA and follow our HTX Group Profile.
  2. Take a photo of your scavenger hunt item and upload it to your Instagram OR Facebook - Feed OR Story.
  3. Tag @HTX_Group. Be sure to type it exactly as is so that we are notified, and you can get credit for your post.
  4. Hashtag the item number you are wanting to get credit for. Example: “#SH21” You may have more than one item in the photo so use as many hashtags in your post as applicable.
  5. All photos must be taken on the day of the event. Entries submitted past 4:30pm will not be accepted.


Some Dos and Don’ts:

  1. No website screenshots. You may not take a picture of something on a website and call it your own.  These photos will not be counted!
  2. If we cannot figure out what your picture is, we will not count it so be sure to take your time setting up the shot.  
  3. Your photograph can count for more than one item on the list if you can present the argument for it. Just be sure to tag each item.
  4. NO SPEEDING! Drive Safe out there!
  5. Be courteous and remember to have fun!


Your List

  1. The HTX giant letters in our office (worth 10 points)
  2. A pumpkin
  3. License plate with the letters ABC or 123 on the same plate in any order
  4. You in front of HEB Heights sign
  5. Spell out HTX using toilet paper
  6. A live manger scene
  7. A longhorn rack on a car
  8. Tripe
  9. Smelling limburger cheese
  10. C & D scrap metal sign
  11. Bald man
  12. You on a slide
  13. Buddha’s Hand
  14. Someone pumping a stranger’s gas
  15. A “Beatles”-esque/ Abbey Road type photo of the team crossing the street
  16. A receipt for $.07 cents worth of gas paid in cash
  17. Graffiti in a local business' washroom with “_____ was here”
  18. A waterfall or fountain at least 10 ft tall
  19. A pink car (double points for a true Mary Kay)
  20. Wearing some HTX Group SWAG! Contact us if you need some
  21. An Italian car
  22. A sign with the word "sausage king" in it
  23. Picture of 2 people playing leapfrog
  24. A Christmas tree
  25. A live horse (double points if riding it)
  26. Eating a whopper in a McDonalds.
  27. You in front of your favorite Taco Shop
  28. Someone walking more than 2 dogs.
  29. A Tissot watch on someone’s wrist
  30. A live fish
  31. A pic of the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony info Sign
  32. Sacking a stranger’s groceries
  33. The most expensive non-alcoholic item in Central Market.
  34. A horse drawn carriage
  35. Astros Mural in Heights
  36. Hugging a frozen turkey over 21 pounds  
  37. Playing Rock Band w/ a someone playing a cowbell
  38. Picture of you Xeroxing a stranger’s hand
  39. An illegally placed sign advertising a roofer or tree removal.
  40. Shoes hanging over a power line
  41. Picture of a Twinkie on fire.
  42. Skeletons in a closet
  43. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone (no birds may be hurt)    
  44. Entire restaurant with arms raised
  45. Someone with eyebrows shaved off
  46. Someone with a mask made of bologna
  47. Stranger with a French fry in each nostril
  48. Someone acting like they are drinking from the toilet with a straw
  49. Order the “Terence Special” at Tight Squeeze
  50. Hanging a spoon from your nose
  51. Picture of creamer pyramid in Denny’s @ i10 and Bunker Hill
  52. Any item that cost $5.32 (showing the price tag or receipt)
  53. Picture of movie theatre audience from front row while using a flash
  54. Mouth full of toothpaste
  55. A man getting a mani-pedi
  56. A mullet
  57. One of OUR (HTX Group) for-sale signs in front of one of our listings!
  58.  A group picture with Ronald McDonald or “the king” 
  59. Entire team tasting the rainbow
  60. A double rainbow (must be vivid)
  61. Gold at the end of a double rainbow
  62. A red phone booth (Upper Kirby)
  63. Kissing a live toad
  64. Putting clothes in washing machine in department store
  65. A fork in the road
  66. Picture of car odometer with last 2 digits being 74
  67. Someone holding 120 roses
  68. A sharpie fu-Manchu
  69. At least 4 people with feet off the ground
  70. Identical twins
  71. A Zamboni
  72. A picture of a picture of a picture
  73. A picture as a child wearing a costume
  74. Picking up litter or doing something else “green”
  75. You covered in post-it notes
  76. 5 people all with matches lit at the same time
  77. Picture in front of Kemah lighthouse
  78. A Turducken
  79. All 3 forms of precipitation
  80. Guzzling Maple syrup in front of Salon Lofts on Shepherd
  81. Mrs. Clause
  82. As many people as you can fit in a shopping cart
  83. A cow jumping over a moon pie
  84. A 1980 coin (any denomination).
  85. The business card of a cosmetics salesperson.
  86. A stranger serenading you with an instrument.
  87. The longest limo (or car) you can find.
  88. Someone 85 years old or older (holding their id). 
  89. 3 people holding 3 people off the ground
  90. Having Slinky race 
  91. Riding a lawn mower
  92. Fighting w/ “Clue” game tokens (revolver, lead pipe, etc.)
  93. Eating doughnuts
  94. Holding a copy of any Harry Potter book in a used bookstore.
  95. Dressed and posing as a Boy Band
  96. Having a mock cook-out in the Lawn & Garden section of store
  97. In front of a Buckee’s sign
  98. Wal-Mart or Target item costing $5.63
  99. Solving “Fermat’s last theorem”
  100. Pointing where you’re from on a globe
  101. Doing YMCA pose in front of a YMCA
  102. Playing Fluffy Bunny. (Mouths full of marshmallows)
  103. A picture in front of the We Heart Houston sign on I-10
  104. Burger King employee wearing BK Crowns
  105. A 10-person conga line
  106. Calculator spelling the word hello
  107. Message in a bottle floating in a fountain
  108. Pyramid made of pennies (at least 40 pennies)
  109. Eating a slice of cake at TRUTH BBQ
  110. 13 people in “Last Supper” pose
  111. Acting out a scene from La La Land in front of La La Land Kind Cafe
  112. Someone dressed as Superman taking candy from a baby
  113. Cleaning ear with a toilet brush
  114. Burning the scavenger hunt list outside
  115. Hanging from a basketball hoop
  116. Slipping on banana peel
  117. Feet sticking out of trashcan
  118. Ripping a phone book in half
  119. Someone in a Santa outfit
  120. Arm wrestling with a Stranger (losing)
  121. Biting into a clove of garlic like an apple
  122. Being chased by giant ball (Indiana Jones style)
  123. Walking on water
  124. Engaged in a thumb war
  125. Juggling a dozen eggs
  126. You scanning the QR code at 16th Street Manor
  127. Riding the zoo train
  128. Inside a pet shelter
  129. Pudgy's
  130. "I Voted"